Trust Management that People Embrace

Advance your Threat Intelligence

Our services will help you identify and mitigate cyber-physical threats and vulnerabilities that may harm your business. Our cost-effective, human-centric, advanced solutions will help you ensure the security, privacy and quality of your infrastructures. We will engage your people in continuously upgrading their threat intelligence.

Self-Manage your Trustworthiness

We help you to self-manage your trustworthiness, by selecting the most effective controls and mitigation actions and build your updated policies and procedures, which your people can understand and commit to. You will be left with no further need to search and apply different assessments with different consultancies to reach compliance with privacy, security, certification, quality standards and legal frameworks.

Self-Handle your Incidents

No matter how strong your controls are you need to be prepared to handle incidents that may affect your operations, such as security or privacy breaches. We provide services to help your administrators learn how to continuously forecast, analyse and monitor the incidents using open-source tools and select the appropriate actions to minimise the impact and make your organisation as resilient as possible.

Self-Audit your Trust

We offer services that will help you perform your own self-conformity assessment to ultimately prepare you for the certification of your information infrastructures, ICT products and services for their security, privacy and quality. Our conformity assessment methodologies and open-source tools enable you to reach your certification goals in the most cost-effective way.

Enhance your Cybersecurity Capabilities and Skills

We offer personalised seminars and hands-on training using cybersecurity exercises, collaborative projects and gamification tailored to your needs. Our training services will help you become familiar with new tools, policies, and procedures and enhance your cybersecurity skills in a life-long learning approach.

Our Methods and Tools

We adopt our methodologies to your organizational idiosyncrasies and capabilities, as well as your sectoral needs and requirements.