Human Factors & Behaviour Change

Our company provides expertise in behaviour change and social innovation via designing and delivering sector-specific (health, environment, maritime, government), human-centred executive strategies, pragmatic programs and behaviour change interventions. Behaviour change is achieved with behavioural insights research and personalised approaches holistically considering individuals’ motivation, abilities and triggers. We analyse human factors and attributes to better tailor our behavioural change methodologies to your people (employees, business partners, stakeholders, clients, users). We develop a positive culture of trust in your business making your people the most essential part of your executive strategies considering all sectoral business aspects involved.

Boost the Trust in your Organization and Products

Our behaviour change services will help your people adopt, practice and commit to your executive strategies. We analyse and identify human factors and obstacles to reshape your strategies and make them work for your people. We help your people become the essential component and strongest allies that will bring the trust of your organization to the next level and create opportunities for growth.

Increase the Trust of your Sector-Specific Data

We offer sector-specific behaviour change services and involve human factors to enhance the trustworthiness of your data handlings and your services, ensuring the best chance of success. We further assess and analyse the impact of technology on human behaviour and focus in particular on cyber behaviour.

Our Methods

We use a number of innovative methods in the provision of our behaviour change services.