Business & Research Innovation

One size fits all does not apply when it comes to skills and capabilities. Hence, we offer personalized and practical training considering personal and sectoral specificities. Customized training is offered in preparing successful proposals and/or help you build effective interventions considering all human factors. Our perception of innovation goes beyond just using cutting edge technologies or launching new products and services. Our role is to encourage brainstorming and provide critical advisory to our customers to adopt change in their business and help them raise their digital trustworthiness and find their space in the market. We offer the right tools for succeeding:

Preparing Funding Proposals

Our experienced consultants undertake the preparation of application folders for public and private entities aiming to access EU and national funding, build the content of your funding proposal, from conceptualization to consortium building and reviewing, and supervise the implementation of the required actions.

Carrying out Business, Exploitation and Sustainability Plans

Together we ensure your business prosperity utilizing our solid experience in developing realistic business, exploitation, businesses continuity (BCP) and disaster recovery (DRP) plans. These activities will enable you to become resilient and turn your vision into revenue.

Market Research

Via a complete set of tools, we are able to prepare market research reports and industry analysis on products, in order to target competition, identify market trends and explore new opportunities.

Project and Financial Management

Entrepreneurship comes along with certain challenges such as, the ability to effectively complete project activities. That requires proper understanding of tasks, prioritizing, time management, market awareness and an application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques which we are able to deliver.

Affordable Business Process Reengineering (BPR) Encouraging Peoples’ Participation

By modelling your business processes and assets and by assessing the trust-related risks of your business, we aspire to boost organizational performance by mitigating your risks and reengineering your processes while engaging your people from the beginning. Our proposals are affordable and practical since they are supported by cost-benefit analysis and are embraced by your people.

Customised Training

Managing the design, financing and implementation of investments, innovation and infrastructure projects as well as advice on process improvement and tools can be challenging. Our experienced consultants provide training activities, webinars and workshops on proposal writing, project and financial management and business plans.